Sydney Cornwall | 18 | FC: Dianna Agron | OPEN 

  • I don’t mean to seem like I care about material things,Like a social status I just want four walls and adobe slats

Sydney has lived in New York all her life. She knows all the drama that goes around, but is never in it. Sydney isn’t the girl to go and bitch at someone, but mess with her and you will have your ass kicked. Sydney has never been in the group of Blair Waldorf and the barbies, as she calls them. Sydney doesn’t have anything against them, but in her eyes she sees them as superficial girls. Sydney sometimes has conversations with Serena, because she has her in her art class. Sydney is very artistic and hangs out with Kendra sometimes. They aren’t the best of friend but they understand each other.

Sydney talks to Dan sometimes and likes his little banters. Sydney has seen Andrew watching her, she doesn’t know what to  think. All she knows about him is that he is Chuck’s cousin who came from Texas. Sydney doesn’t know him well, but she is starting to get butterflies when he looks at her. This year they have photography class together. What will happen?

Connections: Kendra (Friend), Dan (Friend), Andrew (Crush).

Relationship status: Single

Family: N/A